To Reach, Teach, and Empower

Our dream is to reach as many people for Christ as possible, see them discipled and making an impact in every sphere of life. To effectively do this our goal will be to buy a permanent facility that we can call home that will be a place for the community and our church to experience the love of Christ. Our own facility will enable us to see more people discipled, more young people finding their purpose, more marriages helped, and more leaders trained.

What is the purpose of BELIEVE & BUILD?

Seven years ago this summer, 25 people met in the Elks Lodge on Ames Ave in Rutherford to worship. We now see over 300 people calling Church ALIVE their home church. In order for us to continue to reach and disciple people, we know a permanent church home is essential. The funds from this campaign will allow us to secure either our own location or a permanently rented space to facilitate our mission of “reaching, teaching and empowering people to impact their generation for Christ” more effectively. Currently, we are in conversations regarding permanently occupying a Performing Arts Center, in the heart of Rutherford that would be an amazing home for our church and would enable us to do ministry in a greater measure.

How will a new facility help us reach more people for Christ?

A new facility will help every different ministry at Church ALIVE. Our children’s, tweens and youth ministries can all be impacted incredibly by a space that is vibrant and fixed. Our capacity to effectively disciple men and women by providing learning and equipping courses at times that are convenient for us will also be a huge asset. Finally, a new building won’t be about us. It will be about providing a stable location where we will build bridges to the community by meeting real, practical needs that become spring boards to introduce people to the love of Christ.

How will we pay for this?

We believe wholeheartedly that we are positioned in a strategic place and time to reach our communities for Christ. We have seen so many people come to the Lord over the last number of years, and we believe we are just starting to see the harvest God has called all of us to pursue. We want to personally challenge every person and family to pray fervently for 30 days for “BELIEVE & BUILD,” asking in faith and gratitude, to see what the Lord would have you give sacrificially.  Through God’s grace and every person who is part of Church ALIVE rising to the challenge, we are confident that we will achieve our goals and be in a position to see more people come to Christ.



How can I help?

First, pray fervently that this fall would be an incredible time of God’s blessing in our church as we embark on “BELIEVE & BUILD” so others may live.  Secondly, participate in the meetings. Make a commitment to learn as much about the campaign as possible and support the vision of our church.  Thirdly, give sacrificially. It won’t be equal giving, but equal sacrifice that enables Church ALIVE to reach its goals. The vision God has given us requires faith and sacrifice. We have the privilege to see God’s Kingdom come in the hearts of people both now and for generations to come.