Where Real Love Meets Real Needs

In the fall of 2015, our Senior Pastor Anthony Fleming launched our initiative Giving Christmas Away. The heartbeat and mission behind this initiative is to be able to meet the needs of people in our local community who have fallen upon hard times and need a miracle during the Christmas season. During the fall & winter months, GCA was in full swing. Our Connect Groups came together to raise money for others through fun activities such as pie-ing people in the face and selling treats after service. We collectively raised over $10,000 our first year!

In 2016, our mission remained the same but our determination grew. Our connect groups came together once again with increased creativity and went above and beyond by doing fundraisers such as Spa Day and selling apparel. Our teams put their hands to the plow and went to work reaching more people in the community to be a part of someone else's miracle. In 2016, we more than DOUBLED the amount we raised in 2015-- totaling more than $24,000. 

 In 2017, we were able to raise $35,000 together as we met real needs with real love for individuals in our church, as well as give to two local sensory gyms in elementary schools, furnish the Rutherford Bulldog Academy, and give away furniture & a van to a longterm home in the Rutherford Area. None of this would have happened without the hard work of our Giving Christmas Away Dream Team and everyone's support at our Tricky Tray Banquet, Pie in the Face, Christmas Portraits, and so much more.

With your help, we were able to bless the following in 2015:



October 10th, 2017 | Tricky Tray Banquet

On Tuesday, October 10th, we hosted our first ever Tricky Tray/Banquet! From the moments of laughter to the moments of tears, it was an amazing night. Many of our amazing volunteers came together, brainstormed, wrapped gifts, and did so much more to make this night such a success. On this night alone, we raised over $25,000 and we were able to bless a family who won the 50/50 with over $10,000! This is just merely the beginning of what we are going to do in 2018 and we are so excited for what's in store for the rest of the year as we continue to fundraise for Giving Christmas Away!

NOVEMBER 13th, 2018 | 2ND ANNUAL Tricky Tray Banquet

Tuesday, November 13th was our 2nd Annual Tricky Tray Banquet! Over 300 people came together to be a part of a great night full of excitement, food, music & raising 14k in our 50/50 raffle and 45k in prizes! We are so thankful to our incredible Giving Christmas Away Dream Team and every single person who participated in our banquet that helps us bless our community every year during the Christmas season. The best is yet still to come this year!

Below is the story of someone who attends church alive and was going through very difficult times.

Ashlin, a single mom of two, didn't have much when she first came but the Barish Family and her church alive family helped her along the way. We knew that we wanted to bless her family with something amazing that Christmas.