Connect Groups are where you can have fun, meet people, and grow together in faith & community. Our hope is to connect you to God an others in a fresh, real, & powerful environment. Don’t do life alone, join a group below.

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 WOMEN: 7:30pm in Belleville | Samara Amorim & Cindy Pino | Weekly

FINANCE: 7:45pm in Rutherford | Ana Farinha | Weekly


 MARRIAGE: 7:45pm in Nutley | Peter & Sara Santos, Alex & Grace Bariah | Biweekly

FEARLESS – HIGH SCHOOL: 8pm at Church Alive | Ps. Magno Mendes | Weekly

FEARLESS – MIDDLE SCHOOL: 7:30pm at Church Alive | Noelia Lago | Weekly


WOMEN: 9:30am in E. Rutherford | Patty Zubel & Vanessa Mercado | Weekly


PRAYER: 8:45am in Rutherford | Patty Zubel | Weekly


CAREER: 7:30pm in Harrison | Danny Rodriguez & Virlany Tabaoda | Weekly

MEN – TRANSFORM: 7:30pm in Rutherford | Ps. Anthony Fleming & Fernando Cuco | Weekly

YOUNG ADULTS: 7:30pm in Rutherford | Marc & Esder Catud | Weekly


WOMEN’S PRAYER: 6:15am in Rutherford | Ps. Katie Heflin | Weekly

LEADERSHIP 1: 7:30pm in Rutherford | Ps. Katie Heflin | Weekly


MEN’S PRAYER: 5am & 6:15am in Rutherford | Ps. Anthony Fleming & Fernando Cuco | Weekly